final PDF proof

is correct as we will not be responsible for the size we make according to your confirmed size but not fit to pack your product content.

is correct as we will not be responsible for the material we make is wrong according to the invoice shown

Normal it is from 5mm – 10mm

Normal it is 25mm from bag top

Normal zipper top is 30mm from bag top

for better presentation and avoid shape corners cutting hands

we will print as per the proof and not responsible for any miss print after confirmation

please check the barcode scan-able



Color will be printed according to the CMYK data directly exported from the artwork supplied by customer

Due to the color presentation will be different on different printing substance (White Kraft paper, Brown Kraft paper, clear film and different laminated materials with foil, paper or clear film, Achieve Pack / pouch.eco will not be responsible for any economic loss due to color variation.

Customer shall be responsible for requesting actual print proof if needed to ensure the printing color are satisfied before mass production.

We have color management standard, please find the link here.

In order to perform color matching, customer shall be responsible to supply:

1. PMS number to match solid color and/or

2. Physical color sample to match images color

if not having the PMS, we can print the color drawdown on actual substance for confirmation.

If not having image matching sample, we can print an Iris proof (high res print on glossy paper) for confirmation.


Bag Making Variation

Bag dimension (Width, Length, gusset, zipper position) has +/- 5mm


Final Production Qty


Final production quantity may have up to 50% variation. Due to small quantity production under 10,000pcs. Normally we can control as per the order quantity but some time the bag making machine is not running smooth may have the wastage more than expected to cause production quantity will be less than order quantity (underrun)

Or we may have overrun too, you can choose to take the overrun we will give discount if you take them. Or You can choose not to take them as well we can keep the overrun quantity and ship to you when next order.

Kindly note If underrun quantity is within 30% of order quantity we can’t rerun the shortage but will produce more in next order to cover them if needed.

Tolerance of Production Quantity:

+ / – 10% of Quantity Ordered above 10,000pcs / SKU / Size

+ / – 30% of Quantity Ordered above 5,000pcs / SKU / Size

+ / – 50% of Quantity Ordered below 5,000pcs / SKU / Size


Return and Refund

100% refund within 14 days after the goods received without question asked

No refund if it is no quality defects that affect the use. If it is quality defects it depends on condition and will be resolved by Due diligence. Normally we will supply more as replacement in next order.

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