What are the features of our

Custom Print Zipper Stand Up Pouch

See what are the features of our

Custom Print Pouch

We bring you the best possible greener packaging solutions for your food product.

100% Compostable Packaging

We protect the earth with a sustainable packaging for food businesses.

Pouch.eco offers custom printed sustainable packaging pouch for food companies who care the only earth.

Our 100% Compostable Packaging material has the outstanding barrier performance and very close to conventional multi-substance plastic material.

Oxygen Barrier

21.63 g/m2/day

Moisture Barrier

9.27 g/m2/day

Ideal Shelf Stable Time

18 months

Pouch.eco makes sustainable packaging pouches for all food packers.

Stand Up Pouch
Flat Bottom Pouch
Box Bottom Pouch
Side Gusset Pouch
Quad Seal Pouch
3 Side Seal Pouch

Pouch.eco is committed to sustainability.

This makes us keep pushing the limits and leading the packaging towards a greener future.


This is made from cellulose. Its low permeability to air, oils, greases, and bacteria makes it useful for food packaging.

PLA (Bioplastic)

This is make from corn or potato starch with certifications like BPI, OK COMPOST.

Kraft Paper

Brown and white Optional and certified with FSC

Food Contact Safe

Packaging Pouch is made in our BRC and HACCP factory and all materials are FDA certified.

Hand Press Impulse Sealer

Seal the pouch by hand press

  • Very cost effective, approx US$100
  • Lowest efficiency to pack, approx 10-30 ppm
  • can not seal the packaging material thicker than 100 micron very well, especially the packaging material contains paper and/or foil
  • thin sealing width approx. 2-3mm

Foot Press Impulse Sealer

Seal the pouch by foot press

  • middle cost effective, approx US$200

  • middle efficiency to pack, approx 30-60 ppm

  • can not seal the packaging material thicker than 150 micron very well, especially the packaging material contains paper and/or foil
  • thin sealing width approx. 3-5 mm

    Roller Sealer

    Seal the pouch by sending the pouch into roller

    • Very high packing efficiency, approx 60-120 ppm
    • can seal the packaging material thicker than 100 micron very well, especially the packaging material contains paper and/or foil
    • thick sealing width approx. 5-10mm
    • Lowest cost effective, approx US$400

    Pouch.eco is eco friendly packaging line by Achieve Pack.

    Accredited by international food safety standards.

    We are a flexible packaging supplier based in Hong Kong with the manufacturing facilities in China serving our clients from smallest food start ups to Fortune 500 companies globally. Our core values is treating our clients equally and sharing know-hows.

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    • No minimum order quantities.
    • No tooling cost.

    • Free designs & template.
    • Free consultancy to build right packaging spec.

    • Shared production run with multiple SKUs
    • Food contact safe material.

    • BRC & HACCP vertified manufacturing facility.

    • Free sample for sizing or fit-for-use trial.

    • Free paper proof for artwork and color checking.

    • Free online portal to keep tracking shipment, invoice and artwork management.

    • Other value adding services like mock up creation, e-commerce development, etc.

    Other Packaging Suppliers

    • at least 50,000 units to get start.

    • huge set up cost if lot of color & sku(US$300 / color / size).

    • no recommendation of specification building.

    • payment upfront before artwork confirmation.

    • Lack of value adding service such as mock up creation, e-commerce and after sale service assistance.

    Need a customized greener packaging pouch?

    With over 10 years service in food packaging industry, we have been providing all-rounded packaging solution to our clients whom are from food start-ups to international food brands.

    Decompost in 1 month

    Decompost in 2 month

    Decompost in 5 month

    Get a free packaging consultation.

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    Other Best Seller Pouch Type.

    Flat Bottom Pouch

    Flat and squared bottom standing pouch which is one of the most popular pouch type.

    Gusseted Pouch

    Cost effective and content weight makes it stand-able, best for powder or granular.

    Box Bottom Pouch

    box bottom pouch.eco

    Patented box shape bottom standing pouch for best for light weight product such as tea.

    Food safety and hygiene is of utmost importance for food businesses.

    Our sustainable manufacturing processes are incorporated with following Global Standards: