StepProduction ProcessCustomer TimeProduction Time
1Send quotation  
2Confirm order details1-3 days 
3Confirm PDF proof1-2 days 
4Receive 50% deposit1-3 days 
5Cylinder proof-making 7-10 days
6Confirm cylinder proof1 day 
7Start mass printing 3-5 days
8Confirm final print color1 day 
9Official printing 2-3 days
10Laminating 2-3 days
11Curing 2-3 days
12Slitting 2-3 days
13Bag making 7-10 days
14Quality inspection1 day 
15Production complete  
16Shipment sample confirmation1 day 
17Receive balance payment1-3 days 
18Ship goods1-3 days 
19Goods arrivalDepends on transportation time 
TotalProduction Timing 30-45 days

Production Process Overview:

Our production process is meticulously designed to ensure quality and efficiency. From quotation to delivery, here’s a quick breakdown:

Quotation & Order Confirmation: We initiate with a quotation and confirm order details within 1-3 days, ensuring a smooth start to your project.

Proofing: We confirm a PDF proof in 1-2 days, followed by a cylinder proof in 7-10 days, allowing for thorough quality checks.

Payment & Production: Receiving a 50% deposit in 1-3 days, we commence mass printing in 3-5 days, followed by a final print color confirmation.

Post-Printing Processes: A series of steps including laminating, curing, slitting, and bag making, each taking 2-3 days, ensures a high-quality finish.

Quality Assurance: A quality inspection is conducted in just 1 day, guaranteeing excellence before completion.

Final Steps: Shipment sample confirmation, receiving the balance payment, and shipping goods are managed in 1-3 days each, culminating in delivery.

Delivery Timeframe: Depending on transportation, the entire production timeline ranges from 30 to 45 days.

Customer satisfaction

Our commitment to a streamlined production process, coupled with a keen focus on customer service, ensures a seamless experience from start to finish.