Common Standard Size with MQO 100pcs:

Bag Width * Bag Height + Opened Bottom Gusset

Size in cm

Size in inches
9*13+63.54" x 5.12" + 2.36"
10*15+63.94" x 5.91" + 2.36"
11*16+64.33" x 6.30" + 2.36"
12*17+84.72" x 6.69" + 3.15"
12*20+84.72" x 7.87" + 3.15"
13*18+85.12" x 7.09" + 3.15"
14*20+85.51" x 7.87" + 3.15"
15*22+85.91" x 8.66" + 3.15"
16*24+86.30" x 9.45" + 3.15"
18*26+87.09" x 10.24" + 3.15"
20*30+107.87" x 11.81" + 3.94"
21*31+108.27" x 12.20" + 3.94"
23*35+109.06" x 13.78" + 3.94"
26*35+1010.24" x 13.78" + 3.94"

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