How long does packaging design take?

From the beginning, it is a low res word file, after 3 days we turn it to a “ready to print” ai file. and in 10 days it will be made and send to our client’s hand in 5 days. That’s our speed, Achieve Pack’s speed to provide quality pouch with quality and free design service, helping clients to get a retail-ready packaging pouch in 30 days from a concept at a completely competitive cost.

10 hours at least now coming with free of charge

This excites our packers no only buying eco-friendly pouch from small quantity, but also worry-free from paying extra money to design as we can help to create it from just a concept for free. Free design service if ordering packaging from us.

。100% compostable packaging

。Start from 1,000pcs by digital printing


。Free Shipping

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